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WM Original Pieces

You Light Up My Heart, Neon Piece - AVAILABLE

The Bowie of Lions - Available                 


Bowie 'Starman' with Neon - SOLD

'The Majestic Beauty' - AVAILABLE



'I Am The Greatest' Muhammad Ali, Neon Piece - AVAILABLE

Joker 'Jared Leto' - SOLD

John Lennon 'Imagine' with neon - AVAILABLE

Rod Stewart - Commissioned Piece - SOLD

'With All My Heart' Hand Painted Cherry Blossoms with Neon - Sold

'Wolfie' - Sold

Exclusive piece, Pinstripe suit made from quotes from the film.

'BeYOUnique' - Original piece with Neon Light - AVAILABLE

Mercedes Gullwing Classic Car - AVAILABLE

'Time is Money' - Neon with Gold Leaf - Sold

Lola Monroe - AVAILABLE

'You are the fairest of them all' with Neon - SOLD

Denzel Washington - Exclusive Original piece - AVAILABLE

Pinstripes on suit made with quotes from the film American Gangster starring Denzel.

Mario Luigi X Pulp Fiction - AVAILABLE

LV 'Give her Louis V & Butterflies 1 of 3 - AVAILABLE

LV 'The Renaissance' 2 of 3 - AVAILABLE

LV 'Out of This World' 3 of 3 - AVAILABLE

Michael Jordan with Neon '23' - AVAILABLE

'With All My Heart' Neon with roses - SOLD

The Rat Pack - SOLD