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This bespoke piece was created for Hope, who wanted to incorporate her love of Disney into this and for it to be totally unique. A bright neon was added to reflect her vibrant personality.

Commissioned piece for Claudine

My client wanted a portrait of her late father. Once the painting was complete, I was given this gentleman's tie and stitched it onto the canvas to add a lovely keepsake of him to be cherished.

'Bespoke Neon piece for a private collector'

My client wanted something totally unique for his partner Donna. What better way to tell her how you feel...


Bespoke piece created for a new Beauty Salon.

'Commissioned Lion'

My client wanted a black & white lion with striking blue eyes.


My client was a massive Rod Stewart fan, and wanted a large painting of him for their home. The satin suit really brings this painting to life and they were over the moon with how it shines.


My clients wanted a bespoke piece to reflect their love for Kylie.

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